Our Values


Our experience of the love of God calls us to respond with compassion to our neighbors in need. Love of neighbor compels us to work for a more just society which respects the dignity of every person, a commonwealth in which resources and opportunities are shared more equitably.


Our giving is grounded in gratitude for the gifts we have received. We experience giving as a source of joy in our lives. We strive to conduct our work with integrity and to be responsible and resourceful stewards in the management of our financial assets and our grantmaking. We are deeply committed to preserving the natural world, and to conserving the lands and waters on which all life depends.


Our knowledge and understanding of our community and the world are enriched by our involvement with the organizations we fund. We aspire to perform our role as funders in ways that honor and encourage the work of our partners. We are committed to open, honest, and timely communication.