Funding Priorities

Health and Human Services

We embrace a sense of shared humanity and equality; in response, we support programs serving vulnerable populations that address the complexity of human need by:

  • Providing access to services that fulfill basic needs
    • Food
    • Clothing
    • Shelter
    • Financial and legal assistance
    • Mental and physical healthcare
  • Building self-reliance
  • Fostering faith and spirituality
  • Advocating for public policy initiatives to support social justice


We are keenly aware of the impact of growth and development on our environment; in response, we support programs that work in the following areas:

  • Land and water conservation
  • Endangered species protection
  • Environmental education
  • Access to natural spaces
  • Advocacy for public policy initiatives to support environmental stewardship

Education and Arts

We recognize the potential of education and the arts to empower, enrich, and transform lives; in response, we support programs that focus on providing underserved populations with educational opportunities or access to the arts.

The Foundation generally does not fund unsolicited requests for the following:

  • Animal welfare programs
  • Therapeutic animal programs
  • Private primary or secondary schools
  • Universities – The exception to this are university-sponsored programs that align with one of the Foundation’s funding priorities other than access to education. Prior to submitting an LOI, prospective university applicants must contact the Foundation with a brief summary of their proposal to confirm alignment.